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Soul Classic is to coffee, what 70’s funk and soul is to the dance floor! A groovy blend of deep bass chocolate flavours, and unique coffee tones combined with ‘floaty’ flute-like soft acidity that body-pops across your taste buds! This 100% Arabica coffee has a full bodied delivery that suits a wide range of palettes and is an instant crowd pleaser. However, Soul Classic really comes into its own when served as a Ristretto - short and sweet! 

ORIGIN: Guatemala
PROPERTIES: Deep caramel, nuts and complex winter fruits
PERSONALITY: A signature single origin roast that floats towards the upper end of the medium roast spectrum with delicate flavours.
THE SECRET: The unique balance of ‘far out’ flavours like deep caramel, rich nuts, choc tones and winter fruits - “outta sight man”.

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