Frequently Asked Questions


Where are the coffee beans grown?

The “Coffee belt” which is the equatorial region around the globe. We predominantly source our beans from Central and South America, with the odd cameo from Africa, PNG, India and Indonesia. 

How should I store my coffee after opening it?

In an airtight container in a stable environment (no not the fridge, yes the freezer). Only freeze if you need to store for extended periods (over a month).

When ordering beans, what does “grind” mean?

Grind type, course to very fine, is defined within the roastery as to how you prepare your coffee drink, i.e., espresso machine (fine), percolator or drip filter (med course) cold brew very course etc... then we grind to suit, using our grind guide.

What does light/med/dark roast mean?

This is the “roast profile” that we “cook” (not a term used by roasters!) the bean to, this gives the coffee components its flavour and can be a method of defining depth in roast by matching a colour (Agtron Scale) universal method.

What does strength mean?

At Primal, the term strength is our way of best describing the “body” in the cup, the combination of roast degree, caffeine, clarity and colour. 

What happens if I’m not happy with my coffee beans?

We always recommend giving your pallet time to adjust to the bean, our flavour receptors can be trained! However, if we make a mistake and you are sent the incorrect order, then we will happily replace it at our cost. We want you to receive exactly what you ordered.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all the usual forms of payment e.g., card, paypal, afterpay, but to be honest, a lovely home cooked meal will get you a cuppa or two.

Do you sell merch?

We plan to sell t-shirts, mugs, stickers, trucker caps and keeper cups in the future. This will be very hot merch, we apologise if your size or choice is unavailable.

Do you sell wholesale to businesses?

Absolutely, we are as excited as you to present amazing specialty coffee to your customers, as a wholesale “Pri-Mate” you have access to so many benefits – not to mention the best coffee on the planet! 

I own a café should I be worried about losing my existing customers if I change coffee? how would you navigate this?

Easy! You can choose from one or multiple blends from our range of nine profiles, we work with you to bring in a coffee profile that suits your and your customers flavour pallet, and if you want your own branded bean, we can construct a bespoke blend to suit your needs.


Where are you based?

We are based out of central Queensland; we ship anywhere and use Australia post to get your coffee to you in the shortest time possible.

Where do the beans ship from?

From the farm to you! Our beans don't just come from any farms – we're committed to the principles of farm sustainability and supporting ethical sourcing. For instance, we are proud to work closely with Inka Coffee, a reputable supplier known for its top-quality, organic beans from Peru. We believe in fostering strong relationships with our partners, like Inka, to ensure that our beans are not only exceptional in taste but also ethically sourced.
To explore more about the sustainability efforts behind our beans and our partnership with Inka Coffee, you can visit their website:

Can I pick-up my order?

If you’re a Mackay local, you can order and select click & collect from our café or retail outlet 134 Evan St, Mackay 8am-3pm Mon-Friday or Sat-Sun from café 6am-2pm Saturday, 8am-12pm Sunday. Please allow 1 day after ordering and wait for your email to say it’s ready for collection.

How long does shipping take?

We aren’t no Amazon, keep ya knickers on, Australia post is doing their best! We roast Mon-Tue we ship online orders twice a week. 

Can I get my order sent to a P.O. Box OR Parcel Locker?

Yes, we ship to PO boxes all the time. 

What happens if I’m not home when my parcel arrives?

As per Australia Post website description, you select what is best for you, however as Primal Coffee is the Porsche of the coffee industry, I wouldn’t trust your neighbours. 

Do you ship internationally?

We will ship to the moon if you want to pay for it!