About Primal Coffee

Before Primal Coffee Roasters was created, our founder Dan found himself drawn to coffee roasters worldwide. He immersed himself in a vibrant community of individuals who were passionate about their craft and generously shared their expertise with the lover of coffee!

Dan's curiosity soon evolved into a deep fascination, igniting his creativity and driving him to build his very first coffee roaster in the hidden alleys of Fremantle, Western Australia. Armed with this roaster, he embarked on the journey of roasting 600 grams of coffee beans sourced from various corners of the globe. Admittedly, there were some hiccups along the way, with more than a few batches of beans getting charred before he found his rhythm.

 As Dan's hobby grew, he began supplying freshly roasted coffee to friends and family. Then, a pivotal moment arrived when a local coffee cart requested a weekly supply of 10 kilograms of coffee beans. Roasting that quantity in a 600-gram roaster was a labour-intensive task, and the logistics of transporting 40 kilograms of beans from WA to the east coast proved challenging.

It was in this moment that the seed for Primal Coffee Roasters was planted, leading Dan to acquire his first professional roaster, a 5 kilogram gas-electric Roastmax Drum roaster.

Mackay welcomed its first coffee roasting business. Dan had identified a gap in the market, or
perhaps, as he would joke, a "crack." In less than five years, Primal Coffee Roasters transitioned from a modest startup to a thriving operation boasting a 15-kilogram roaster, roasting over 500 kilograms of coffee beans per week, ultimately serving 25,000 cups of coffee to retailers and the community.

From humble beginnings,

In the year 2020, just prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dan found himself sitting
outside a laundromat, contemplating the potential for a café. He decided to take a leave of absence from his job and transformed an old insurance broker's office into his vision of a café.

Inside, he set up his 5-kilogram roaster, and with determination, he began roasting coffee. Initially, Primal Coffee had just five clients—a coffee van, three cafes, and
his uncle's office—all proudly serving Primal's distinctive profiles, including Soul Classic, Soul Mate, Funky Monkey, and the bespoke "Treehouse" blend. This marked the beginning of his journey, roasting 50 kilograms of coffee per week.

Only six weeks later, Dan made a life-changing decision. He called his boss and announced that he wouldn't be returning to his previous job. Instead, he was now running a café seven days a week, multitasking between roasting coffee in-house, serving eager customers, and imparting his
coffee wisdom to his first employee, a trainee barista. Fast forward to today, Primal Coffee Roasters roasts just over 500 kilograms of coffee per week, serving 45 diverse customers ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. Our reach extends beyond the local region, supplying commercial outlets across the state and nationwide. 

Dan considers himself fortunate to have a dedicated team of 11 individuals who share his profound love for coffee. The team includes operations manager, a Roaster, a delivery driver, a café supervisor, a trainee barista trainer, eight exceptional baristas, who skilfully oversees the entire operation. Together, we craft and deliver exceptional coffee experiences to enthusiasts far and wide.