Welcome to our Wholesaler ‘Pri-mate’ Page!

We are passionate about bringing the purest, most inclusive coffee experience to businesses. If you’re a business or a café owner looking to elevate your coffee game, it’s time to become one of our wholesalers – or who we fondly refer to as, our pri-mates! 

  • Fresh roasted specialty coffee
  • Weekly delivery
  • In house training at the “Primal Barista Training Academy”
  • In house servicing and repairs (Expobar wholesaler, technician and service agent)
  • Exclusivity of bean profile selection within your demographic (micro location) i.e., no cafe within your catchment area will have the same profile.
  • locally roasted chemical free de-cafe
  • 50% discount on the first marketing material ordered from collateral brochure.
  • Business coaching and cafe flow/process meetings
  • Retail sale of beans 250g & 1kg bags
  • Environmentally sound cups and packaging
  • Barista tooling and café items
  • Machine and Grinder Leasing/Purchase

Why become a Pri-Mate?


    Our coffee beans are sourced from the most renowned coffee-growing regions around the globe. We work directly with farmers to ensure the highest quality and sustainability in every cup.


    Our roasting process is a harmonious blend of science and art (magic!), with a little sprinkle of cooky. We roast each batch with precision to unlock the unique flavours and aromas of each coffee variety.


    Our range is tailored to your unique preferences. Choose from single origin beans, blends, or even create a signature blend exclusively for your business… the sky’s the limit when it comes to your own “bespoke blend”!


    Our commitment to freshness is unwavering. We roast to order, ensuring that your customers receive the freshest coffee possible.


    We provide comprehensive in-house training for both staff and owners at no initial cost, conducted at your premises (depending on location). This training includes expertise as an Expobar wholesaler, technician, and service agent. Furthermore, our commitment to your success includes business coaching and regular café flow/process meetings to ensure your establishment thrives.


    We are deeply committed to ethical and sustainable sourcing practices. By choosing us, you’re also supporting the wellbeing of coffee farmers and the environment. We source sustainable and bio-alternatives giving you and the environment a warm hug in every cup!


    Our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way, from selecting the perfect coffee, team training, selection of blend or coffee flavour to navigating logistics. Your success is important to us.


    We encourage and endorse the purchase of coffee beans in 250g and 1kg bags, surpassing the café's typical trade quantities, to make them available for retail sales "over the counter".


    We also proudly offer small batch artisan roasted, chemical-free decaffeinated coffee, available in both ground and whole bean options. We offer a variety of decaf, from Colombia, Mexico and Indonesia, depending on import stocks.

New & Pre-Owned Machine Sales, Servicing And Maintenance

Starting out? Or updating your tired old machine? Let Primal’s espresso machine professionals work with you to find the best choice for your plans. We are affiliates with machine direct importers, Silver chef and major appliance wholesalers. If owning a brand new machine is your dream, however starting costs have drained your account - let us work with you to ensure the best coffee is served to your customers!

Depending on the specific coffee machine used, we offer on-bench service and maintenance or may recommend sending the machine for a thorough service at our Primal workshop. Our services cover a wide spectrum, from basic maintenance to complete machine

 As an added perk, you'll enjoy exclusivity in selecting your coffee bean profiles tailored to your demographic or location. This means no other café within your catchment area will offer the same coffee profile, setting you apart.

To become a wholesale partner, or ‘Pri-mate’ please contact us for more information and get ready to embark on a coffee journey like no other. Your customers will thank you for it!